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Commercial and Residential

Global Guardian Group also delivers top quality security services to commercial and residential buildings. If you have a property, commercial and residential that requires security protection, we have the right personnel to handle this task for you. We have security officers who can mount patrol, manage your roadway and guard your property against trespassers and burglars who may want to wreak havoc on your property for reasons best known to them.

Global Guardian understands that a residential deserves to be a place where you will feel at peace. A place where you will feel secure, protected and at truly at home. With this in mind, we help clients to secure their homes by offering our residential security service. We offer a professional home security service on any type of building. We handle multi-family apartment blocks, condos, private residence and any other building type. We provide door and gate manning services, concierge services, patrol services, parking security services and deterrent patrol services to keep trespassers, burglars and other unwanted third parties at bay.

We understand what safety and peace of mind mean to you and we make concerted effort to make sure we deliver this always when you use our service. You can contact Global Guardian Group today for your commercial and residential security.