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Executive Protection

Global Guardian Group understands there are occasions when there is a need for even more stringent security detail. An occasion where an executive or VIP needs security and protection requires a service with the highest levels of training, and at Global Guardian Group, we have an executive protection service specifically created for this need.

Our personnel handling this specialized service are uniquely trained to handle the complex and technical know-how required to deploy this type of security protocol. We ensure that our executive security officers go through tough and special training to handle emergencies like dangerous driving, logistics, crisis management and anti-terrorism strategy in case such situations presents itself. We understand the threat posed by terrorism in our world today and the need to protect VIPs has never been more pronounced than now.

We provide top quality security for local and international dignitaries, celebrities, politicians and other VIPs from kidnappings, assassination, assault and any danger that might be imminent in their vicinity. Global Guardian Group also has fully licensed investigators who can carry out undercover espionage operations using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our highly trained personnel can help you in handling issues like suspected drug abuse at work or at home, burglary, employee theft, cases of stalking, corporate espionage and private investigations into suspected criminal activities. If what you require is beyond us, we have a wide range of contacts we can leverage on to provide you a solution to your request.